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Word document cracking


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After rumaging through some old files of mine in the dark corners of my hdd, I found a old word document that's password protected. Having wrote the thing over 2 years ago, I forgot the password.

I was wondering if any of you knew of a program that could brute-force the file or run a dictionary attack but with more than 8 characters. I have one that can run up to 8 but knowing me, the password is probably around 10. Chances are the password is an actual word, nothing made up and with no numbers so it shouldn't take too long to crack either way. If any of you know of anything that works and is free, I'd love to try it.


And yes, I have tried googling this but with no luck: all results were of programs for sale.

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comon man thats easy .....

there r some supplied with the 1edition of steal this computer book by wallace wang (one of my all time favorites but someone lent it and never got it back.....)

the programes are no longer included with the second and third edition tho .... (and all the good parts r left out of those :( .

i'll try n find teh disc .....

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