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Alternative to DSniff??


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I'll start off by saying I'm expecting a lot of flaming for this one...(Doh!)

I'm looking for something similar to DSniff but easier to install, or an easy way to install DSniff on Win32. I have been looking around but i cannot get the Win32 Port to work.

Any help is appreciated, flaming not so much...

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Sorry i should have been more specific...

im looking for some thing that can be run from the command line, that filters out the username and passwords. I can get a .cap file easily enough but id prefer something that does the clear text passwords...

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tethereal or whatever the wireshark version is called. You just run it from the cli with:

tethereal -i rl0 -a duration:60 -w c:pathto<filename>.cap

Which gives you 60 seconds of traffic in libpcap format. This is based on what I do under *nix but it should hold for windows. RTM :-)

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