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TMNT Movie

Darren Kitchen

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I'm sure a majority of you have seen it. If not go get a movie ticket, or whatever it is you kids do these days to watch the cinema.

I thought the style was awesome. Most of the characters didn't feel hollow and the CG was good. Some things stood out and bugged me, for example the low res texture on the payphone at the turtle's place but the rain made up for it. Though Shredder was missing it was kinda nice to see some original stuff in a turtles movie. Had it been just a CG remake of the original TMNT movie I'd have been really upset. Not just because you can't beat the original but because I'm not sure I could sit through 90 minutes of the story behind Splinter and Shredder again. It also could have used more one-liners from Raf but, meh.

What did you guys think?

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The movie looks really good... Right after the release I got the first three movies for fun.

It's getting really good reviews from www.cinematical.com and is making a good chunk of change at the box office.

I do want to see it but I have to wait till next week :(

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