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My new project code named TMF2 for "The Myth of the Forbidden Fruit" is going to take all the ideas i have had for Alice & Wonderland, Humming Bird, and all the other media center ideas i have had and jam them into one perfect system of media glory.

Work side we have a mythtv box with a poop ton of hard drive space and a good cap card. This boxes main duty is to capture video and using some scripts smash it down to AppleTV friendly size. This idea blatantly stolen from Frank Linhares.

Second stop A is my laptop running iTunes. This is where all recent content will be found for watching and moving to step 3.

Second stop B the same myth box will also be used to store content until hitting seasons or DVD capacity for burning out and archives. I already do this with my some what famous 29 disc IPTV collection.

Watching side. This will be done with an AppleTV gathering content from my laptop and maybe later a dedicated "iTunes Server" to replace the laptop. This iTunes Server will also house all my music and photos.

I know a myth front end on a macmini would give close to the same effect as the apple tv but having the ability to sync an iPod to the iTunes Server and backup the shows in a good solid format on DVD data discs appeals to me most about this version of a media center setup.

I am working the kinks out of some remote access stuff like FTP so i can send and receive files from friends in my own little p2p thing (for legit files of course) but other than that it's just a matter of parts and money. For parts i already have a massive tower i am picking up tomorrow for 10 bucks for the myth box as well as a $175 comp shop special pc for the iTunes server side. I might buy 2 and use one for parts for the myth box.

Any recommendations for the cap card side. I am looking at the hauppage 350 currently. No HDTV support is fine since i will just be snagging 1 signal at a time digital cable.

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TMF2 is just an acronym for the code name. When done the entire system plus my automation/voip stuff will be called Colibri which means Humming Bird named for the tiny bits of data flying around me when the system is fully operational. Plus it's tiny and noncommercial so who cares :).

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