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Need evidence from locked phone.


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Need desperate help.

My mother was murdered a few months ago. Her murder was recorded and is on a phone which is now in my possession.

Hiwever it has a lock screen pass code I don't know how to bypass.

I am afraid to turn it over to authority before copying the contents. If It is unlocked it will save time. I need help please. These people are currently trying to kill their mother and police don't believe me, so I need it unlocked ASAP so I have immediate proof. 

It is a T-mobile Moto G Play 2023.

This is not a joke or game. I live in Las Vegas.



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Have you tried her birthday? Or the top 20 pin numbers? (You'll trigger a lockout, but oh well).

Barring that, there is a device called a GrayKey that can unlock it. It's only available to law enforcement and governments. If you have other reasons for not wanting to go to the police, and the phone has the November 2022 security update or later, you won't get past the encryption. Juice jacking won't even be possible. 

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