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Help me find my brothers' killer.


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So my brother's birthday is coming up. It'll be almost 1 year 7 months since his untimely passing. My brother died at the age of 27, of a lethal dose of fentynal. He was young, happy, and content in his final days. But now he's gone. 

Upon his death, the only thing I got was his phone, and his keys. His roommates took everything else. 

For the past year and 7 months, I've kept his phone in my closet, hoping one day. It would be the very thing that gave me closure, to the lies I was hearing from his roommates. And honestly i didnt know if their was anything i could do with it. Until I heard about this O.MG cable. 

My brother's phone is an LG Stylo 6, it has a pattern lock on it. It also has a limit on the number of attempts before it forces a reset. It is in charging only mode [not file transfer]. 

I can bypass the screen lock, but I need to change it from charging to file transfer. without being able to access the phone. Because for a moment when I plug it into my computer, it shows up, but then it goes away. 

Guys, I need to get into his phone, I need to find out who he was talking to. who was after him. please help me find my brother's killer. 

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