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Best way to crack wpa2.


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Hello, Thank you for any help with this issue in advance.

I am having problems with a issue, that I am going to confront in a cybersecurity course.

I am trying to crack a WPA 2 handshake. I have tried Aircrack-ng (version 1.6), for 92 hours - both bruteforce and dictionary attack.

Then I converted the .cap file into a text file hash, to use with Hashcat.

Still no luck.

P.S. should I have at least a mid level GPU for Hashcat & How long does it take for other people, considering it may be a complex password, not "PASSWORD123"


Thank You.


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if it's a complex password, forget it, unless you use a gpu based cluster for cracking. You could try crunch with custom password masks.
Mid level GPU..hmm. My cracking rig is a sixteen core ryzen, and and a highend GPU, and even that kind of system breaks a sweat when trying to go up against complex passwords, that's totally unknown. so, go for a GPU based cluster, those can be rented at linode.

Good luck, and happy cracking 😉

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The quickest way to crack a WiFi password is to know it's standard before attempting, otherwise you'll be waiting for weeks, months or even years.

See my old post below. Most of it will still be relevant, although obviously you should go and do your own research about the likely keyspace.


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