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I have a ibook g3 128mb ram 600mhz lap-top and was wondering if anyone knew of any type of emulator I could use to run windows or one that I could use to install windows?

Reason why I'm tired of taking my HP to work (I use it for my GPS system) and drivin over all the rough roads, etc. I can't seem to find any GPS Receiver to work with Mac, i've googled religously various mac forums with no luck. I have the microsoft Pharos GPS unit.

I think I did post another thread similiar to this issue and someone pointed out a GPS receiver that should work or at least work with *nix, but I haven't had the spare money to purchase one.

Just really curious if anyone has a remedy to run windows on this ibook I have, even better. If I accomplish this task:


and thank you nixgeek I shall give that a shot tonight, but... well nevermind I don't think it would be possible to use a bootable Windows disc on this ibook. Sucks cause I could just have the unit installed with Streets and Trips 2007 and run it off boot:(

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Windows is not PPC compatible in any way, shape or form so running it or booting a Windows disc on a G3, G4 or G5 Mac is impossible.

However, there are emulators out there like the old Virtual PC (ie: the one MS owns, but before they got it Connectix owned it). If the Microsoft versions don't work then you may or may not have more luck with the older Connectix versions.

You might have some luck with this, but I don't know how well the virtual machines can interact with the external hardware on the iBook. Apparently it's not blazingly fast either, but it's better than nothing. Good luck.

Edit: Noticed you said you've got 128MB in the iBook, I'm thinking that's a bit low... it's likely not gonna stop you running Virtual PC but it will very likely slow down the virtual machines a great deal, especially if you intend to boot XP in a VM. If you only need it for the one thing though it might still be worth a shot.

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