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New To Hak5

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Hi there,

I am new to Hak5. Am deciding what to order. I have come up with the below list. I think it is my final first Hak5 order.

Bash Bunny, Plunder Bug Lab Tap, Shark Jack, Lab Turtle, omg Cable directional C to C elite, omg Cable USB C to Lightning elite, omg adaptor elite, omg plug elite, omg programmer, malicious cable detector, rubber ducky elite bundle, WiFi pineapple tactical bundle, payload pro studio & Hak5 cloud C&C community version

Is this a good selection? Is the any immediate flaws in the choices?

My plan is to use the gear to practice in the end being able to get shell on Windows, Unix and Linux systems.
Learning about WiFi penetration techniques.Β 

Learning about mobile penetration techniques on android and iOS (as far as I understand iOS is difficult?)

Learning more about networking and sniffing leading to a penetration attempt of some kind.

I think my selection for my order has me covered but please let me know what you think.


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That's a pretty massive shopping cart if you're new to the scene. I see nothing wrong with it at all. However, I would most likely not buy that many things at once but instead focus on one (1) or a few products and then move on when getting more proficient. If you have no previous knowledge in the cybersec arena you might even get to the point that this isn't for you and sitting with a lot of devices may not be the best situation if so. But... if money's not a problem, then just buy the stuff you plan to buy.

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Thankyou for your replyΒ πŸ™‚
I am not new to cybersecurity in general. Only new to Hak5. So I know I will like Hak5 devices, in that sense.

I thought I would order various items in one order as shipping is going to cost a fair bit. Also it says buying the red team field kit is the cheapest way to order. The devices look excellent so I don’t mind buying a few at once.

I did see somewhere that Hak5 sometimes have sales. Is it only around Black Friday?


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As Dark_Pyrro pointed out, that's a tall order. I would say, start out with a Bash Bunny, a Rubber Ducky, depending on what your equipment is, some O.MG cables, and a O.MG prorammer. And, Payload Studio Pro is worth the money.

if you're into wifi, get a good alpha wireless card, and you're good.

But, this gear is not a magic bullet, it won't help you to get that sweet shell.
For that, look into powershell, Python, and other programming languages.
read books on pentesting, look at youtube. This type of gear, will only be of any help to you, if you know programming, Av evasion and stuff like that.
You need to know the ins and outs of the platform you're targeting, it's defenses and weaknesses, that's the only way.

BTW, Learn Linux, you'll need it πŸ™‚

And, when you're done, look into a ProxMark3, a Flipper Zero, and a HackRF One, for some fun with software defined radio, and RFID.
For good measure, throw in some lockpicking (always fun to do over a cup of tea and some Netflix πŸ™‚ )

Much Happy Hacking

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