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SQL info?


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Yo, SasaMaker here.

i can do a little bit of PHP, wana learn more but it involves SQL, the free host that i use doesnt really like sql... so any way, i have XAMPP installed on my computer, and i dont know ANY thing about MySql, so what do i need to install? to get it going? any help is good help, thanks

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Took a look at that tutorial and it does give some pretty scary instructions in some places. Never ever ever put user input directly into a SQL query. In that tutorial they for instance grabs an id and puts it into the query, you should at least make sure it is numeric first.

The site I would recommend for just pure SQL syntax lookup when you got the basics of connecting to the database in PHP would be w3schools.

What's missing is a site concisely describing how you should design the tables for a real site but I don't know of any good ones. It's better to learn database design properly when you start out rather than trying to unlearn bad behavior later.

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i dont need help with the SQL/PHP i need help setting every thing up, MySQL wont run

Do you get the "mysql won't run" error message? No way that can be fixed, better just take to your hard drive with a sledge hammer.

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