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Powerbank tho phone


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hello i want to buy an iphone cable, i have read all the information, but i haven't got an exact answer yet ..

So I want to buy such a cable, but my question is:

can i connect the usb port to power bank and the output in an iphone , can it also be infected , if so how fast ? And can I also see everything that he types from a distance?

so i need more information, for a phone . what can such a cable do with an infection in a telephone exactly.

and so it works with power bank ?


let me know ! its important forme  LOVE

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To be more specific, if you have the Plus or Elite model, you can use the keylogging function. If you're unfamiliar with the technology (not trying to be condescending, you just sound like you have very basic knowledge), Hardware keyloggers work by recording keystrokes passing through them from a keyboard. Technically, this could work on a phone, but it defeats the stealth purpose. As for running a payload, software keyloggers and other spyware are prohibited by App Store policies.

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