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  1. all of those are answered on the blog entry found at https://o.mg.lol/ The exact differences have not fully been disclosed, and the features will likely continue to grow and evolve as we work on the firmware. That is a pattern seen with almost all of the O.MG hardware because we tend to develop the firmware with the community by providing very early access to those who are interested. In short, it took over 1 year to squeeze in keylogger functionality on top of the O.MG Cable without losing the existing functionality or increasing the physical size. But we realize not everyone needs all
  2. correct! Been extremely overwhelmed lately. But I am walking people through some next steps (basically ep7) on the slack server if you want to get an early start.
  3. That's a good option! We still have a pending project for adding multi layout to the Web UI. We did release a lightweight python frontend that makes it pretty easy to add your own keymaps if you are comfortable in python:https://github.com/O-MG/O.MG_Cable-Firmware/blob/master/omgtool.py
  4. _MG_

    Needs More Work

    Thanks for the update! Yeah, that sounds like a non-breaking enumeration scenario. I'm still happy to chase the machine-specific issue in slack. We actually do a lot of firmware work based on customer feedback. Who knows, maybe you have a specific USB controller that wants to see some basic communication on the data lines when a device comes up. I'd be curious if the enumeration issue goes away if you plug the cable in with a device attached to the other end. We have avoided putting anything on the data lines in the name of stealth, but adding a custom option to "pacify" the the controller whe
  5. _MG_

    Needs More Work

    Head over too the #omg-cable-support slack channel if you would like help debugging. This may be a windows specific issue, as it doesn't happen on Linux or OS X. I'm not quite sure what you are trying to do with AP Mode and Station mode in terms of "masquerading as an iphone" but maybe it will be easier to figure out the confusion in Slack.
  6. The usage of the O.MG Cable is much easier than any keyboard injection tool you have experience with. It's easy to think you must be missing something, but you aren't! It really is that easy. Check the help menu for a full listing of the payload syntax (it's basically all duckyscript with some custom commands). And there are some example payloads in the load menu. Don't be afraid to browse around the UI. And remember, you can always re-flash the firmware so don't be afraid to use things like the self destruct functions.
  7. You go to the web UI and start typing your payload. Then run it and/or save the payload.
  8. Which step of the setup instructions are you stuck on? https://github.com/O-MG/O.MG_Cable-Firmware/blob/master/README.md
  9. Yeah errors are needed or itโ€™s impossible to say. I do know that Windows 10 has been extra painful for some people in relation to the USBAsp.
  10. As with all things RF, this starts with a big disclaimer: you will want to stick to the laws of where you live. There is a lot of flexibility with which radio you choose as you will calibrate to the frequency you choose. The biggest difference in performance will come down to transmit power of the radio you chose. More power is better, if you want range. I currently have a few common and low cost radios that I will be using to demo: 465MHz, 433MHz, 144MHz. You can see the results I had in the video below: https://twitter.com/_MG_/status/1229676873325498368?s=20
  11. I don't have any hard commitments there. I am personally trying to go for roughly once a month. The last few months have been very volatile for obvious reasons. Good news though, you are about to have a whole bunch of new collaborators that will hopefully bring some extra ideas. These kinds of kits are always much better with a group of people, in my opinion. https://twitter.com/_MG_/status/1262932857254633472
  12. Good idea! If you have been experimenting with what we starting in Episode 6, then you may have some ideas on certain environmental triggers that could be used. The antenna is extremely primitive, so actually reading RF from a wireless keyboard (if thats what you are asking?) wouldn't be very easy. But you may notice that things like the proximity of a person to the antenna can create noticeable patterns. So you could certainly utilize that ๐Ÿ™‚ Many of you have probably already figured out how to implement the antenna concepts we started moving towards in Episode 6. But if you haven't, don
  13. Good job on chasing down the windows 10 driver situation in the other thread! That doesn't seem to be an issue on other OS's. Luckily, the keyboard emulation uses the DigiKeyboard library that the extremely common DigiSpark uses (so you'll likely find tons of people with your issue if it exists there. Same with the micronucleus bootloader. Just for clarity, there are 2 modes that are presented to the computer when you plug in a fully programmed DemonSeed: 1 - the first 5 seconds is the micronucleus bootloader. In the situation where you needed a driver, it was for this. 2 - after
  14. its a pending feature request: https://github.com/O-MG/O.MG_Cable-Firmware/issues/1
  15. The setup link (included on the envelope and card insert) is here: https://o.mg.lol/setup, this is where you will find links to the firmware on github and the official support Slack server. All warranty requests must first go through this channel. Make sure you follow the readme on the github repo as this will answer most of the common setup questions.
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