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OMG to wipe phone data

can chan

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Hi, Im waiting on my new cable to arrive atm and not real familiar with use it ect but main aim for getting it is to have a security type cable that as soon as connect to android phone will put into a factory reset instantly. This is possible I assume?

does it matter what model phone it connects too as to how the payload setup?

does anyone have something similar already working or currently working on it?

any pointers or help be much appreciated


Hopefuly it arrives soon and will be able to see what it does


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Everything you can do "by hand", can be programmed trough HID, BUT...

It will depend on phone OS, and if the phones's locked or not. The most simple way would be to wipe it manually, works everytime.

The OMG cables are basically just a remote keyboard with memory banks that can be remotely triggered, it's not a magic bullet, or a "hack-it-all-by-pushing-a-button" kind of thing, it requires research and development, and effort put into it, but then it can and will work 🙂

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