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Can I remote capture clients traffic via ssh from pineapple using Wireshark ?


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hello everyone, this is my first post, can You help me to remote capture clients traffic via ssh (USBC or Wifi Managed AP) from pineapple using Wireshark ? What i supposed to do ? This is my first contact with Wifi Pineapple. Thx 4 help

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I'm new Wifi Pineapple user and I don't know how what i supposed to do in tcpdump module.

I am also curious if it is possible to capture traffic from pineapple live via SSH just like I would carry out an ARP spoof attack using bettercap

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I think there is a bettercap package for OpenWRT (opkg install bettercap), but Wireshark is a GUI tool. The Pineapple has no desktop, not even if you used VNC. And SSH is CLI anyway. There's tshark, but if you need to learn that anyway, it would be better to use tcpdump or the net.sniff module in bettercap if available.

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As there is no specification how the client is connected, I will make an easy example here:

Let's assume the client is connected to Open AP using IP
You are connected by USB.

Just start Wireshark on your box, then





This should work.






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