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Diet Coke + Hard Drive == Bad!


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OK, so it looks like I killed my new-ish 300GB drive when I spilled diet coke on it the other day.


It's a seagate PATA 7200.8. I spilled a bit on the top and wiped it off very quickly, and left it to dry for a few days...but now it won't spin up when I power it in a USB external. (just quietly humms)

Aren't these supposed to be sealed? I would have thought it wouldn't be as bad as regular Coke (what with all of its evil, sticky, conductive, sugary goodness and all...)

I don't think I had anything TOO important on there, it was more of a backup/overflow drive itself...but now I'm really sad I killed it, what a waste!

Any suggestions? (other than bawling uncontrolably - I've got that one covered)

hmmm, Maybe I'll toss it in a box and see what SpinRite can do for me (I don't expect much tho)

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send it back

how the fuck did u spill coke on a hdd :|

You think they would RMA it? (it has a 5 year warranty)

It was dumb. It was sitting in the top drawer of one of those small plastic rolling drawer set thingies. the old open can of diet coke was sitting on the top. I opened the drawer to get something out,the thing shook a bit, the can fell over, a bunch of it went into drawer and onto the HD.

Is there ANY chance a bit of a rinse and a forever-ness of drying time could make it better?

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Well if you really wanted to get data back off it then chances are only the logic board would be dead, so you could try something like:


But you say its newish and not much important on there so I presume it's still covered under Seagates warranty?

It does seem strange that it killed the drive, you say you only spilit a small amount and the drives are quite well sealed so it must have just been one of those unlucky things that happen.

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As for dumb stuff, a friend of mine once inserted a 256mb stick of SDRAM into a system the wrong way round. This confused me no end as it will only go in one way, but by jove with a bit of brute force and ape like ignorance he got it in there, turned on the pc, pc surprisingly didnt boot. Took out the stick of RAM to discover scorch marks on a couple of the pins, and hence it becoming a keyring for me. And this was back in the day where 256mb of SDRAM cost a fair old whack.

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I have one

Dead poower supply Humm???

check diffrent kettle lead = dead hummm?

at thie point i open the bad boy up and see a blow fyse

for some reason i had fired the power supply a few more times

thus i have full current a soldered in fuse and a dam hot soldering iron and long length of solder

next this SH~@~ F~@~ electricution and burns on my hand

never solder live circuits it hurts

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