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Wifi Pineapple - As an Alarm Sensor


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Is it possible to use a wifi pineapple as an alarm sensor. If someone approaches a location with a smartphone, wifi enabled. Could a wifi pineapple detect this and send an alert to my mobile phone. If this is possible what hardware/software would I need.

Thanks for any help

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Sorry for the late answer 🙂

But you want to detect some "random" phone, with wifi enabled, and get an alert when the phone get's close ?
You would need to know the phones mac / OS, and the like, (this goes for a specific phone).

Can you make something out of a laptop, wifi cards, that detects broadcast for wifi, maybe, but as I see it, a PineApple can't be used in this way, it would requre some very fancy custom coding. Is it possible, maybe. But, you would have to make a system that as soon as it sensor "some kind of wifi" signal, it fires a warning.

Here's the interesting thing, how should it send that signal ?. It would have to run wired ethernet, or GSM, it can't run wifi, or else it would trigger on itself..

Do tell if you find a solution 🙂

Happy Hacking


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