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How to get password from someone using my laptop?


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Well, if you're no nerd, forget it, it ain't gonna happen.

And when you say, "get someones password from my laptop", I assume you're talking about a way to get a password from someone else's system, you can read from your system. If that's the case, there's a couple of ways to do that.

To point you in some kind of direction...

You need a script / payload running on  a server somewhere, something that can evade AV on modern Windows / Linux / Mac OS systems.
Then, a script on the OMG-cable that downloads and triggers the payload, and some where for the payload to upload the files to, a server that get's the files you "borrowed" from the system. This could be a SSH / FTP server, or something like it.

Another way, is that the payload downloads and triggers a remote access payload, and gives you a shell back, this would involve some kind of Command 'n Control system, and then you can sort trough the files, and borrow what you want. 

Look into the OMG documentation, and study it's scripting language, take a long hard look at Powershell, Autohotkey, Python and the likes, and I'm sure youl'll become Enlightened at some point 😉

What you want is possible, with studying, practice and a lot of patience, so get to it 😉

And..if all of the above made absolutely no sense to you, forget it, you're in way over your head.
And as usual, please be an adult, not a kiddie. Don't "Borrow" something that doesn't belong to you. Don't steal passwords, files, resources or access from other people, that's not nice..If it's not your system, stay out of it !!


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