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Unlock my late sons WIN 10

Francis Ford

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Dear Hak5 posters last year and a bit I asked this forum to help me get past the WIN10 password of my son James who passed away 7/2020 Computer. We had not tried to get into his computer for over a year as my wife and myself were and still grieving. But finally my other son and myself tried a few “hacks” and was able to get to administrator account. BUT my son also set up a administrator account. Soooo we couldn’t get into his account….BUT we were able to get his notes and silly boy left what looked like a crazy string that might have been a password.

Now we tried the crazy string password and BINGO it was his Windows 10 full access password. Now the next step is to get into his Google account as we wanted to unlock his Huawei mobile phone which contains the most recent photos. 
His cookies all were long wiped so now not sure how to get password for his Google account. 

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Mom and Dad,


From reading your prior posts, your son was 29 years old. I am recommending you may want to let your late son have the privacy of his mobile phone and email account go undisturbed. Yes, you may lose access to some photos (that you don't even know you're missing), but you don't risk seeing things your son NEVER intended to be seen by his parent's eyes! Just some things to think about...


If you insist on continuing down this path, I am a professional phone unlocker and amateur mobile forensics geek based out of Washington, USA. If you'd like to ship me the phone, I will see what I can do about pulling media off of the device. You will only be responsible for shipping costs to/from (even sending me a label is fine.) The only exception is if you REALLY, REALLY wanted full access to it, and I'm unable to dump the data any other way, there are specific tools for this that I'd be willing to split the cost of. That said, I've never had to buy these tools before, and if it happened, it would be after we had a clear conversation regarding purchasing them.


Final option, more for the contents of the email account: you may be able to get the data from the email account (but not login/password info) by following this: Submit a request regarding a deceased user's account - Google Account Help

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I sympathize with your loss. I think you can connect your hard drive to another PC to access photos or other files. You can use Partition Recovery or similar software to do everything right. It will be faster than picking up a password for a PC.

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