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  1. https://forums.hak5.org/profile/69826-aleckane404/ thank you for your reply. Sadly I still haven’t touch my sons computer as there’s been a lot on. And grieving still... If I run into hot water I might need some direction... Thank you deeply again
  2. Hey Flipchart, A big thank you! I just thought that taking hard drive out WIN 10 would block files... But you can tell I’m a newb 😢 I’ve been with computers since 1977😳but only know how to click on a desktop to launch a program.😢 I’ve had experience with various operating systems as a user and have been in windows registry but I’m nowhere near your computer knowledge....... If this Hirenboot doesn’t work...I’ll take the SSD and HD and look for backup... James would have transferred pictures to his computer too. Again thank you for taking the time to answer me I fully appreciate it... Take care..
  3. Hi dustbyter, looks like the way to go. Convert HirenBoot iso bin file to USB fat32 and make the boot to USB first and follow the YouTube instructions. I will give this ago, thank you again much appreciated.👌
  4. Hi dustbyter, Thank you for your kind words about my son James...🙏 Will look for that program....thank you. Seen a few “hacks” on changing the cmd prompt via windows recovery to magnifier....which in turn appears on the boot page in win recovery. You then press “magnifier “ it then opens cmd so you then make a admin with password... The software hack may have been patched but his computer has been switched on since he passed away... I’d rather use a USB solution... Deeply thank you again...
  5. Thank you for the fast response and thank you for your kind words about our son.🙏 As far as I know it’s not bitlockered,James would have done a simple string with some pass lock code from Resident Evil plus a few characters. I’m also hoping he hasn’t used send code to phone...then I’m truly stuffed. My other son has an it contact for a large company which has a USB key over ride when “repairing” workers computers was kinda hoping I could do it myself. Haven’t contact Microsoft here as I’m thinking they are not IT just sales.... Again a big thank you for the reply.👌✅ Flipchart 👌✅
  6. Apologies for the long post🙏😢 Dear Darren and crew, and fellow posters. Sadly my Son James passed away 20/7/2020. We have been “numb” ever since a lone police detective at 7:30am delivered the news. Apologies for bringing down the spirit of this group... We let Vic Police have my sons Huawei phone which was locked (Optus) sadly the techies at Victoria Police were unable to unlock the phone😳. We would have like it to be unlocked as James always took photos of his family pets and other occasions. There is a way of getting the phone unlocked,but it required to have his Win 10 computer which of course it too has password protection...😢😢 We tried every known password and went thru all his paperwork to see if he may have wrote down his password...We need the computer and hopefully his Google account p/w isn’t required to get a notification to change his password on his phone. Would the USB Rubber Ducky when plugged into my sons Win 10 64 bit OS i7 64gig ram 1060 graphics card will bypass or let me get to his desktop? I’m not to tech savvy but can follow instructions. I would be deeply grateful if someone can help us out. I’d purchase the USB Rubber Ducky in a heartbeat if I know I have a chance. James (29 years old) was a gamer wayyyy back I seen via Steam account (commando91) that he had played well over 300 hundred games not including PS 1,2,3,4. We miss him so much. Please help a Mum and Dad out.. Thank you in advance. Francis Ford John C......
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