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  1. I use Partition Recovery 7.5. This is the best software when recovering data from disk and other media.
  2. The main browser is Chrome. I also use two Opera, Mozilla, Yandex, Uranus and IE.
  3. If you doubt the uniqueness of your essay, then you need to check your text for plagiarism. To do this, there is a special free service for checking essays on plagiarism online see it here. I advise you not to copy information from the Internet, you need to rewrite the text in your own words. This life hack allows you not to plagiarize.
  4. I work on freelance without a diploma. I have many customers and a good salary.
  5. If a person is interested in the transportation of specific goods?
  6. Does this method work on the latest updates?
  7. To run the server on your PC, you need knowledge and experience. You will need special programs and settings to ensure stable server operation: - configure Apache + PHP + MySQL; - distribution of Core ISOs; - setting the IP address. To monitor the server and collect statistics, use this instruction host-tracker.com/Blog/server_m If there are any other questions, then ask them, I will help you.
  8. It depends on what needs to be sent to Brazil ...
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