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Can't setup (After Pressing Button) -> Wifi Connection looe


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I bought end of last year "WIFI PINEAPPLE MARK VII". Didn't had time to setup it until today.

I follow Install Tutorial:

1. Power up via USB Battery and other time via MacBook Pro USB-C
2. Later Connect via WiFI to PA on my MacBook Pro 2016 (OSX 11.6.2)
3. I want to "Continue" via WiFI AP
4. I Press button on Device for 4s. LED's turn off for a moment.
5. I loos Wlan connection to PA.
6. I'm not anymore able to reconnect to PA WiFi

Via USB Stick

I followed it and PA isn't installing it from USB.
1. Format USB Stick to ExFAT and save upgrade-1.1.1.bin on Stick (I also try it with long "original") filename ("upgrade-1.1.1-xxxxxxx.bin")
2. Power On PA. 
3. Connect via Laptop. Still same screen as before and no upgrade in progress.

Any hints?

Bests PP

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Easiest option if you can is wired setup on a Windows or Linux device.

Failing that keep trying for the wireless setup but ensure you're pressing the button as instructed for the right amount of time. Try counting in Mississippi seconds as it sounds like it's registering it as a short press and turning the radios off.

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