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Play Wii “Backups� without modchip


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Play Wii “Backups†without modchip

A modified Nintendo Wii boots a backup of Red Steel. There is no modchip in the Wii, there is a parallel port cable soldered to the drive board. The cable costs under 3 dollars to make.


You will need a male parallel port and a couple diodes, both parts available at Radioshack for under 3 bucks. Follow Erant’s instructions on soldering in the cable, then use Syndicate or WAB’s “ISO Loader†or “WABModCheap†programs to temporarily patch the drive firwmare to allow backups to load. Not as feasabile as a modchip for the reason that you have to use a PC every time, but for 3 bucks and the chance to get it done right then, it was worth it for me.

Cable Instructions:

In order to make the datacable, you need only a few basic items. A DB-25 connector, two diodes, and some cable. Connect the diodes in reverse (so, PC —|< --- Wii) to the DB-25 connector, to pins 1 and 14. Just connect some wires to pins 18 and 11, these will be the GND and output wires. The other two dioded wires are clock and input. Now, open your Wii, remove the DVD drive, and turn it over. Look for the following pattern near IC3001 (http://wiire.org/Wii/console/disc_drive):

- 1 -

2 3 4

- 5 6

3 is SBO1 (Output)

4 is SBT1 (CLK)

6 is SBI1 (Input)

With the numbers being pads, and - being nothing. Now, solder the wire from pin 1 to pad 4 (CLK line). Pin 14 goes to pad 6, and pin 11 goes to pad 3. Just find a suitable place to attach the wire from pin 18, which is GND. (Placing the board so you can read the writing on IC3001, look at connector P3001, the rightmost pad is GND and the third from the right is GND). Check your solder connections with a multimeter, then close up your Wii, and issue the ./dvdtool -r 0x8000 command in root mode. If you see hexadecimal numbers, congratulations! If you don't, check the proper functioning of your cable, wether or not you're in root mode, and if the parport0 and ppdev drivers are properly installed.

- via DVDTOOLS *clicky for link*

- youtube vid of the thing in action

- source : http://edge.i-hacked.com/played-wii-backups-without-modchip

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