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Hak5 discord invite link is invalid?


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Hello all

First time post here, please be nice to a newb 🙂

Im trying to get connected to Hak5 Discord, but am fighting problems all the way. I cant get the .deb nor the .tar.gz installer to work on my kali OS, and when i click the Discord link on the Hak5 website (https://hak5.org/pages/community) im met with a "Invite invalid" message (both in Firefox and Chromium). I have an account on discord, Hak5 forum (obviously) and Hak5 site. I just got the account on Discord tonight in order to connect to the Hak5 Discord, so im not connected to any servers there at the moment. Ive also adjusted my cookie settings to "standard" in firefox.

What might be my problem here?

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