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  1. CyberAnirudh I dont know how your mind works, but i know how my mind works. And i see here amongst the other responses, that neither of them would have worked for me. So just to give you an alternative to the "Read this" or "Google this" advices, i say this: Not everyone is a good reader. I can read texts, but i learn much quicker by watching lectures and educational videos. I am by no means a skilled hacker, in fact im barely a script kiddie, but i have learned the basics of linux, network fundamentals and more by watching youtube videos. Before all you experienced hackers begin to flame me, remember, its doesnt matter how you get there, only that you get there. Everyone has strength and weaknesses, true wisdom is to understand your own strength and weaknesses and plot your own course to the goal. Anyway, my method was to search youtube for hacking videos. I was very skeptical, didnt believe videos that seemed to be to good to be true, but videos that was more realistic. That might seems obvious to most, but not nessecarily obvoius to a complete beginner. But thats just the start. The next step is the golden one: When you find a youtube video that seems to be a serious hacking tutorial, go to the channel of the creator. Then in the channels menu, click "channels". There you will see what other youtube channels this creator is subscribed to. And heres the thing: If the creator knows hacking, he/she also knows other people that knows hacking and have subscribed to them. So you do the same thing and subscribe to the people they have subscribed to. And here is the step that is the golden second: Dont just stop with one level. Go to the people that the creater has subscribed to, one by one, and check wich people they have subscribed to. And subscribe to them also! And maybe do it again, a third level, fourth level and so on. When you have done this, make it a routine to check your subscriptions reguarly (dont trust notifications). I always go directly to my youtube accounts subscription page so i dont miss anything new. However, dont be surprised if you find videos that are unrelated to hacking in the beginning, after all, you blindly followed people. Just because someone is a hacker doesnt mean that they cant also subscribe to the "Cute cats and dogs" channel 🙂 But better to get some unrelated channels that you can unsubscribe later, then missing a brilliant hacker channel. And now you just focus on consuming knowledge. Watch videos, let it take the time it needs. Becoming a hacker is not a goal with a defined end point, there is no hacker in the entire world that knows "everything". Dont stress the process, just enjoy learning. It may take a year, or several years, before you feel ready to practice hacking. But it doesnt matter, its not a race. Just accept that this will take time, and you will never ever be fully learned.
  2. I do not know anything about how Hak5 certifies their products, but i can give you some insight to the world of CE in general. If you are manufactoring a electrical equipment that is ment to be connected directly to the 110/230/400 VAC system, the demands for safety is quite high and regards such things as protection for people, animals and property, that it will not cause other equipment to malfunction (electromagnetic compability, EMC), and that it is immune to other equipments interference (electromagnetic immunity, EMI). In theory, you are supposed to put your product in serious and expensive testing (several 10000 $ in testing cost is not uncommon) to prove that the product meets these requirements. In practice however, anyone can stamp their products with a CE symbol, without doing these tests. There is no CE police, and only on rare occasions does the goverment show up on the manufactorers door and demand to see any testing documents. This is why you should never trust a CE symbol on anything sold on eBay, Ali baba and so forth. I have personal proffesional experience of this. However, this is only true with electrical equipment that is ment to be connected directly to the 110/230/400 VAC system. I am not versed in Hak5's full range of products, but i believe that they are mostly USB connected devices, some of which has wireless communication abilities. This makes this question a bit easier. Since USB is powered by 5 volts, there is no risc for people nor animals. You could say that a USB powered device could catch on fire, but i have never heard of such a thing happening in real life. The power available through the USB standard is simply to low. You could say that a USB device with wireless communication might not be electromagnetically immune, but that is like saying "the sky is blue". We all know that a wifi adaptor cant connect to a AP if another AP is near and uses the same wifi channel. So what is the point of CE marking there? The only point in CE marking a USB powered device with wireless communication ability would be to ensure that it doesnt disrupt the functions of other equipment in the vecinity. But that is largely dependent on your use of it. If you purposly send deauth packages using aireplay-ng for example, you have disrupted the targets function. Does that mean that the product cant be CE certified? That would mean that all wifi adaptors CE certification would be void, because in theory, any wifi adaptor drivers could be modified in order to do packet injections and send deauth packets. So what is the answer? Well, in these tricky situations, there is a fall back theory: As long as all components of the products are CE certified (such as the wifi chip, microprocessor, memory chips and so forth) the entire product can be deemed as meeting the CE requirements. This might not be a bullet proof west in court though, but then again, nothing is. But finally, there is another issue to keep in mind. And here i must repeat that i do not know the full range of products that Hak5 offers, nor have i checked any of their certificates. Anyway, here is the issue: If you are manufactoring a generic wifi adaptor, and using generic components, all of which are CE certificated, is it really good business sense to spend 10000 of dollars just to make sure the product is within the CE specs? Or would it make more business sence to assume that the manufactorer of the individual parts are honest and reliable, stamp your product with a CE mark and hope its true? Remember, there are no CE police and there are no routine CE goverment checkups. Unless something really bad happened that would make the goverment suspicious of you, there is no problem. And the risk that a USB powered device should cause such a bad situation is basically zero. Now consider this: Lets say that you are selling products to people that refers to themselfes as "ethical hackers". Would such a business catch the eye of goverments? Would such a business be under secret surveilence of goverments? Would putting a CE symbol on the products give the goverments an excuse to get involved? Again, i have no knowledge of CE certification status on any of Hak5s products, the only point i wish to make is this: Even if a product is safe and legal, sometimes it makes more sense to NOT put a CE mark on them. Finally i would give you this advice: When it comes to USB powered devices, with or without wireless communication, i wouldnt worry about their CE certification status. I would be more worried if my own usage of them is legal or illegal. P.S. Sorry for this long answer, but this is a more complicated issue then most understand, especially when business sense and goverment gets involved. I could not have given a truethful answer in a shorter text.
  3. I have 2 laptops (one very old and one quite new) that i have installed Kali on as default boot. I also have a wifi adaptor (ASUS USB-AC56). This adaptor allowed me to do monitor mode and packet injection on both computers until recently. Now it only allows me to do packet injections with the newer computer, but not with the older, despite both being apt-get updated and apt-get upgraded. Has anyone else experienced such difference in two identical (at least in software) computers? What could have caused this difference?
  4. My name is completely unimportent. So is my dreams, needs and wishes. I am a hacker in training for one single goal. Stopping the manipulative sadisatic psychopaths that the law is not fit to stop. Murders break the law. So does thiefs, rapists, blackmalers, and so on. But true psychopaths doesnt technically break any laws. They manipulate honest people to do what the psychopath want, even if it ruins the life of the honest people. Nothing unlawful in that, but still extremly devestating for the honest people being manipulated. Someone needs to start hunting these psychopaths, and i am aiming to be that someone. But, as my nickname here implies, i am a beginner. There is a lot more i need to train in order to achive my goal. My realistic goal is that when i become a senior citizen, this hunt for psychopaths would be my primary engagement. Which gives me about 20-30 years of training. Considering the complexity of hacking and social engineering, i just might be fully trained when i become a senior citizen....30 years from now. The most importent goal is not to change the world today, it is to prepare to change the world tomorrow. No matter how much time it may take.
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