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Automate Recon and Handshakes


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Purchased a Mark7 and this is my first pineapple ever. I've heard great things and decided to spend the $$ and try it out. First impressions, the UI is clunky and the modules/packages available are extremely limited in capability. I started by grabbing the current pull requests (still in CR...) to get SSLSplit installed. But, the UI and the modules available are great for someone just starting out and not really knowing much. But, how about the API and the capabilities therein? I started to play w/ the REST API and honestly, this is where the money is well spent. The documentation is meh... but, I paid $100 so, I get what I get. To get the most out of this, You really need to start writing custom code for it.

Here's a python3 script that automates the Recon and Handshake Capturing. Feel free to war drive with this one and capture all the things. https://gist.github.com/cribdragg3r/d60d6b07c79c5156afd115fd7df6f0fc

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