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C2 crashing repeatedly on Lightsail


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Hey All,

I deployed C2 on Amazon Lightsail and applied SSL as instructed in the Hak5 videos. However I have run into an interesting issue.

The site functions for about 25 minutes, and then fails, and the connection is blocked from access in all browsers, from all devices. *access from any device, including on cell networks, so its not my local firewall and returns "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" I then need to reload C2 from the get function, and reactivate the SSL to get the site to load again. My database always remains intact when it reloads and I can login with my username and see my devices.

Secondly, when I deploy my shark jack, the payload goes to sync and immediately bricks my C2 instance in the same manner (just without the 25 minute wait time) If i'm not using any hak5 products, I get about 25 minutes of uptime before it bricks on its own. 

I do have a domain pointed to it over 443. I have made sure all of the lightsail settings in the videos match my deployment. Feeling stumped.


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That sounds really strange to me. I've had my Lightsail instance of C2 running for a long time without any real issues at all. I guess you have to share more of your setup procedure and parameters to be able to help and troubleshoot further (of course without revealing any personal information here).

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