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Firmware 1.1.0 Issues


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Hi, I just updated to firmware on my Pineapple to version 1.1.0.

When I perform recon, the Access point and client MAC, OUI, ect are outputting random results.

eg. Different SSID's with same MAC, OUI changing for a listed MAC with each scan.

If I re-scan, the results change again (still not the correct results).

**Censorship mode is definitely OFF**

A reboot does not fix this issue.

A firmware re-install (1.1.0) does not fix this problem.

I can also connect/disconnect multiple devices on my own wireless network during a scan and manage to never capture a handshake ?


Any ideas or have I bricked my Pineapple ?


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1 hour ago, chrizree said:

Are those wireless network clients on 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz? Do you have any compatible 5 GHz USB wireless adapter attached to the Mk7?

Thanks for the reply chrizree,

2.4 Ghz only and no usb adapters attached.

I should have mentioned it was working relatively fine before the update to 1.1.0


Further testing has yielded recon scans showing the same MAC on every Access point as well as channel, signal strength, ect.

The issue is getting worse, so I may look at rolling the firmware back to a previous version.

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