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Dreamhost outage


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tell me about it , my clansite etc still arent back up ...



anyway more info bout the powerdown @



Power Outage Update

Power has been restored to the building and all servers are back up and running. There currently is an issue with a blade in one of the core routers and it is being replaced, so the servers are still unreachable until this issue is corrected. We are working to get service restored as soon as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

- UPDATE 04:51 PST -

The supervisor in one of our core routers went kaput when the power went off. It was replaced shortly after the original posting. Further problems arose with corrupt configurations left over from the old supervisor. These have been restored and we have re-established connection to seven out of our eight uplinks. We are currently working on the eighth uplink and everything is coming back to normal operation now. We are close to being 100% and thank everyone for their patience. As always, check this space for updates.

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