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Remote Accessing a Computer


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I have an old desktop computer that is connected to my router through ethernet as it has no wifi capability. It has access control restrictions that prevent me from being able to access it remotely or download programs to. I need to be able to access a website that it only accessible from the router connected machine. Is there any sort of product or workaround that will let me access the machine remotely?


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10 minutes ago, chrizree said:

Not sure if I understand the scenario correctly, but why isn't it possible to use the computer sitting in front of it? Why the need to access it remotely?

Ah yes, I can access it just fine sitting at it but I want to be able to access it remotely so that I can do work remotely from my laptop without having to be routed in at a desk

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That sounds kinda sus to me, like that dude/dudess a while ago that wanted to bypass corporate restrictions just to be able to work from some alternative place other than the one that he/she was allowed to work from... can't help you

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