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Need Working Password / Cred Dump For Work


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Hey Everyone. 

So I work for my college and also am finishing my Associates Degree in Web Design and Development here as well but I work in both departments. 

Web Design / Marketing and IT. 

I need to reimage all of the Dell Optiplex PCs in AC1-145-146 and I am authorized to use Kali Linux or Bash Bunny to get the Admin password to initiate Onboard NIC since it asks for a password for OB NIC on all 50 computers in those classrooms. 

No one on-site or remotely working or even the system administrators know the password. Literally, no one here knows the password but the instructor I assume. 

So, can anyone help us in dumping the password in plaintext possibly? I could use Hashcat to crack it with a Hash string which I think I got with QuickCreds but am unsure. Can anyone help out? Or point me in the right direction. 

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It actually worked out to where one of my coworkers remembered the password but now I am working on cracking the string I found just for experience/practice. But, I will close this thread now.

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