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Ex can't let go


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Ex-boyfriend is obsessed with knowing what is going on with me at all times.  Even though he has cheated on me and I have never cheated on him (SORRY, NOT IMORTANT).  How do I get my laptop get out of his control and his ocnstant surveillance?  I'm sure he will read this and delete it as soon as he wakes up...please help in a hurry.


Thank you!

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Thank you, but the information that he gets is from this site.  So he is "unetically" using this forum to get information on how to intercept my laptop, so thank you for the knowledge you are pumping him up with.  I did not seek out this web site, i followed his name and infomation to site.  

Take care!

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Still exactly the same advice, leave him and tell the police.

If you want more advice, after you've left him, buy new hardware and change ALL your passwords to something unique for each site. Change your cell number, only give it to trusted friends one at a time with a couple of weeks between each one, if he gets the number you know roughly who has leaked it.

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