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Rubberducky Dead??

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Hi guys, just received my Elite Field Kit and thought I'd try out the rubberducky first as it appears the easiest to learn.  I created the hello world payload script and placed it on the M-SD card and placed that in the RubberDucky.  Should the computer make a sound as soon as the rubberducky is inserted into the USB port, because this one doesn't. The red light comes on but nobody appears to be home.  Can someone verify if my computer should at least recognize that it has been inserted??

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Some users experience the red light scenario. This can be due to a faulty Ducky or (most often) an SD card that is faulty or isn't formatted properly. Try another SD card if you have one around. There are some troubleshooting steps to follow if that doesn't work. Just to figure out if it's the Ducky or the SD card that is the problem.

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