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Use VPN with MK7?


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So I’m coming from a Kali setup. I grabbed the MK7 for more of a “simple GUI” way of doing things. 

I seem to be stuck on how to have my MK7 utilize my VPN when channeling out through my home router. 

At the moment, any twin or portal attack clearly shows my IP when the client passes through to the web. 

Based on my searching about this topic here, I’m finding it seems to be a serious pain to do this (on other pineapple models).

has anyone successfully incorporated their vpn on a MK7?  Or know of a way to mask an outgoing IP?



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Honestly i was in the research stage reading on the forums to see how it could work. I haven’t attempted anything yet. Typically I’d just install OpenVPN and load the correct expressvpn profile. But where I’m confused is how to attach it to the correct wireless device. The MK7 has multiple radios and I’m not sure how I’d force openvpn to know which to use when connected to my home wifi. 

But ill install OpenVPN and see what i can do first. You’re right, I should’ve at least attempted before posting. 

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