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Is everything down (or is it me?)


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I cannot seem to find any install instructions for manually adding modules to my wifi pineapple nano.  I have resorted to manually adding since The modules, updates bulletins etc all seem to be down.  Can anyone confirm if this is me or the project?



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If things haven't changed recently, it should work. Not using the Nano that much anymore, but I did some stuff with mine some weeks ago and I experienced no problems at that time. Are you sure you have internet access from the Nano? Try to ping some IP address and domain name on the internet from the Nano and verify that it's connected. The Nano itself is end of life, so speaking in such terms  the "project" is no more. That doesn't mean that things stop to work abruptly though. It's still alive, it just doesn't "get money from mom and dad" anymore.

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Well if that's true, then where are the modules?  They simply don't exist anywhere on the support site.  Money from mum and dad doesn't really cut the mustard if it's still being sold ya know?  It should be supported or at least have a place to have the modules archived etc.

Thanks for the reply though.

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It's not sold via official channels. It has been supported for 5 years, but now it's EOL. Modules can be found on the Hak5 GitHub.

I have to edit that; the modules are available straight from the Nano as it's supposed to work. Just installed three modules without any issues.

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