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got netgear ac2300 modem seems to be throtting my vpn???


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Hi all

this is NOT my skillset by any means but hopefully someone can help.  I was going to hook my brand new pineapple VII to my new netgear ac2300 to take it for a spin BUT I ran an mtr test and got these results. My concern is what is happening between and 174.xx.xxx.xx  I have NO idea how to diagnose this.   The layout is RCN cable to Arris SB8200 modem cat5e ( from netgear box) to netgear ac2300. All factory reset, no QOS or monitoring enabled.  Strange thing is that if I turn OFF the vpn the block goes away and all is normal. not sure it's the ISP Rcn doing this.

.|-- 0.0% 10 10.6 12.0 9.5 14.3 1.4
2.|-- ??? 100.0 10 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
3.|-- 174.xx.xxx.xx 0.0% 10 11.5 12.0 9.7 19.6 2.9



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