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Total N00b Needing help (WifiPineAP, LANTurtle, Ducky, and Bunny)


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Hello! Im Nooneatall! Id like to introduce myself as greenhat or whatever around here reeady to learn some shit,

Also pre orders for the flipperzero just came out!!!! Little USB looking thingy that copys all kinds of wireless creds and saves em for pasting later (CC IDTAS,FOBS,TV remotes you name it)
Any and all help is appreciated,  If yall get tired of seeing me around just feel free to help me out so I gtfo your way and backc to learning, 
Im unaware of other forums or discussion oards regarding this so Im gonna be asking EVERY QUESTION I HAVE...Soon or later....

So I have been wanting to get into this for a while and just got laid off, so I'm busting out my hak5 kit.. and I'm wondering where to start... I don't know any code language yet. I plan on learning this subject 9-5 mon-fri and I could use a mentor..... I don't even know where to start. 

I was messing with duckyscrypt..

1) anybody have a payloads for BASHBUNNY and DUCKY (duckyscrypt) to [a: sweep and save all creds (usernames, passwords, seeds etc)

                          &               b) plant keyloggers to save files for later download on bash bunny [(attack A: plant keylogg seed) (attack b:download creds)]???
                                            c)  send creds of keylogger to email
    or is it one of those learn to wqrite your own before you ask to be written for? lol  No disrespect intended... Yall are heros!!

2) I want to learn wifipineap and its range of uses.. The PineAP is my main subject of interest as it seems the most realistic for future potential work.

3) I want to learn LAN turtle AND just general powershell but have no idea where to start,(kali linux too.)  


4) Which of these tools would be best for generating youtube views? Like spamming computer rooms via usb to load and refresh ip and mac and then browser at x-interavals ?
Or using wifi pine or LAN to open in background of victims comp? or just opening page?  Idk 

I have the books with the kit but I feel I need a college size textbook or an instructor to learn all this,, Any help  Thanks!
(Im sure Ill be seeing alot of you around)

I want to buy sharkjack and keycroc next....


I currently have mactop for day2day use (watching tutorials on screen then learning computer) so i bought a nice HP laptop dedicated for the hak5 kit.

thanks ONE LOVE



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1) https://forums.hak5.org/topic/28600-do-not-post-wifi-pineapple-related-questions-here/


VERY first topic.

2) Every single device has it's own section in the forums, read them.

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