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  1. Lol you got me on that 🤣 I will liberate myself after I write a script. Will the button effect be the same for anyone connected to me?
  2. The actual button on the mark7? The one that you use to reset it etc? I thought must be some button on the web interface lol. I feel really stupid now lol
  3. Under mark7 settings they have a reboot script and it says button. I believe you can put whatever script in there but there is no excitable button lol
  4. ok ty for link... I have searched everywhere... what does the WiFi pineapple button script do. I don't see a button lol am I just not seeing it?
  5. Thanks that is what I needed to know, appreciate you always helping me...
  6. Yeah, I know I want the antennas you showed me. I just am not sure what would be my best bang for my buck lol. I am looking hard at the rubber ducky... I want to use it with android but not sure how good it is with android. Have you had any experience using it on Android?
  7. Ok thanks and good to hear from you. I am try to decide what else I want from hak5 shop. Any suggestions?
  8. Thanks for the help. About how much improvement did you see?
  9. Hi, I have the pineapple mark 7 and I want to upgrade the antennas. I am not sure what is best etc... or which ones will be fit the Mark 7? Any help is much appreciated. I see this one on in the shop is it something I may want?: Long Range WiFi Booster
  10. no i cant get 10 to work
  11. I use msfconsole and I can hack my phone android version 9 but I cant get it work with version 10. Have you got version 10 android to work with msfconsole?
  12. Has anyone noticed that chrome seems to run faster than Firefox when connecting to pineapple etc...
  13. I got my mark7 a couple of weeks ago and it does take awhile to get handshakes but I am getting them. I thought it was broke too, but left it on and came back and had two full. I have gotten a part handshake and then in the next 15 mins get the full one. Also remember some devices may stay on the network for awhile before they jump off and on for you to capture the handshake.
  14. I was watching your video on how to make a custom portal and I must have typed a dot or something wrong lol I simple could not see it good. Is there anyway you can shoot me the two lines of code you used in both those files. when I review the portal it looks great but when I input info in the field I get nothing.

  15. when you get a chance can you give us a work flow. I have downloaded the portals and they are cool , but when i activate one, then get on and connect with my phone the first thing I see is the portal pop up. if I enter info I do see it in log which is awesome. I thought and maybe I am wrong, but the evil portal only pops up when someone tries to login to say Face Book?

  16. i am up to almost 40 mbps. I have a extension call privacy badger that was some how eating up a additional 10 mbps. I turned it off and bam 40 now.
  17. I just did a iwconfig it is a - 43 after I put my pineapple next to the wall. The main router is on the other side of the wall no more than 10 ft. The wall is your typical wood wall. Does -43 seem about right? What is Tx=31 dBM mean is that ok. I notice yesterday I started getting 30 mbs with it by the wall so I guess I just need to knock this wall down lol
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