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Is it possible to force open a window on a Firefox Browser ?


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can someone on the same network as you force open a popup window in your firefox browser ?

im not talking about a web server opening a popup im talking about another computer user sharing te same network ?

some kind of man in the middle attack or proxy server subterfuge ?

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if i was using the internet via their adsl wifi, ie leeching,

what if they ran a proxy server on the gateway ?

could they see what connections to http i had open and then forge a packet with the correct credentials and send it to me ?

this would get through my firewall easily,

they would just create the packet with the source port and ip of a connection i already had open ??

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They wouldn't even need to 'forge a packet with the correct credentials' if they hadset up a transparent proxy. They would just edit the web pages you receive on the fly, and for all intents and purposes it's impossible for you to tell it's even happened.

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with wireless it appears anything is possible,

could another client machine (possibly another leecher) perform the same attack ?

imagine we are both leeching off the same unsecured wifi hotpsot,

could he intercpet my packets and do his transparent proxy trick ?

im such a lame brain at this stuff.

i used to do sysadmin but dont know a thing about hacking,

another question please: does an arp scan

flag up on a firewall ?

looks like i found the answer: ettercap

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Another wireless user should be able to perform this, but they would have do do a ARP poisoning first.

Some firewalls can detect ARP poison attacks and defend against them, but there is 'no' way to defend against a transparent proxy tampering with your received web pages.

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