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When can I get WiFi Pineapple Enterprise version???


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Yeah, I emailed them months ago (after months of waiting) and was told "soon." I asked for even the roughest of unofficial timelines: weeks, months, years? Didn't get a response to that. I'm starting to think they've only put the barest of work (if any) into this product and it may never come to fruition. 

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I dont know they put all that work in to the software, making one is not a problem, it's making 1000 of em that takes time, I would think. I'm in the same boat waiting on the field kits to restock tho.... rawr

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The product, both software and hardware, are done. We have units on our desks. Unfortunately, these are the only units we've been able to make as of yet. The component vendors aren't giving us clear timelines on delivery. Chips that used to have 4-8 week lead times are now "2023?". It's put us in a difficult position, so we are exploring all of the avenues at our disposal to release the Enterprise model ASAP. I understand this is frustrating, and I'll do my best to make updates & communicate as we navigate this industry wide chip shortage situation. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding. 

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