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  1. I'm fairly sure he meant the Field Guide. And they have many great books on pen testing. Check amazon.
  2. First hak5 product, coming in the mail this week! I've seen plenty of videos on uses for attacks, but I read it got it start cause of laziness. So I wonder if there are any good network admin uses anyone would be willing to share, or blue team tricks . Cheers.
  3. Thanks good to know, I'm slower to get on discord than a board for some reason.
  4. Its easy to get angry at the wrong people, most of the times it seems at the very people try to help.
  5. I dont know they put all that work in to the software, making one is not a problem, it's making 1000 of em that takes time, I would think. I'm in the same boat waiting on the field kits to restock tho.... rawr
  6. I have a few pi's i'm willing trade, i make smart mirrors out of em
  7. I have a tab3 I would love to do the same thing.
  8. I love my galaxy s10+ but you have so be so careful with the screens, so easy to crack. Pain to replace, but can be done with a little help from IFixIT. I've never had a problem with running many apps at once, games, you name it.
  9. When I asked when Jan I got an email to try back in 5-6 weeks. I am happy to see the website had changed to a coming soon, and a way to be notified by email. Just poking around to see if anyone got any idea on time frame. I read the pineapple enterprise wont start shipping till q4? I hope I dont have to wait that long, but I understand. Cheers. thanks for anyone's time who reads this.
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