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Portal-Login: no such file or directory


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It looks like a safer bet for you to give the absolute path to the source when doing the scp. You can of course just use the directory name "stand alone", but then you need to be positioned correctly in the file system before executing the scp command. Your scp command states "portal-login" and the error message "Portal-Login". That doesn't look correct. What system/OS are you scp'ing from? Windows? Linux? Mac? Upper and lower case matters in the Linux/Unix world (nothing most Windows users are familiar with).

scp -r /home/user/Temp/* root@
if the portal-login directory is the only directory from where you are scp'ing

scp -r /home/user/Temp/portal-login/* root@
but then you need to create the "portal-login" directory on the Pineapple first

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