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How to make my nmap-scans faster?


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Hey there,

I am looking for all IPs with one special open port, for example 8001. So i use nmap like that to get them:

nmap -Pn -p 8001  -iL ip-ranges.txt -T3 --open

But this scan is doing so many things, which I maybe don't need:

Parallel DNS resolution of 4096 hosts. Timing: About 26.49% done; ETC: 07:51

Can somebody give me maybe some command parameters which make this scan faster?

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This won't give you all possible hosts, just the ones answering to ping, -Pn is needed imo, otherwise you miss some hosts that are out there, but do not tell they are because they are configured in that way.

-sV... won't that just add to the time needed to scan? is it important to determine service/version info of the port? I would rather do that in a "second stage" if important and most likely on specific hosts

-F is that really relevant when the port is specified?

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