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after the capture...?


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I've got my new Mark 7 up and running. I can see all the SSID's around me. I see endpoints that are connecting to those SSID's.  I've even captured 'something' via the options within the mark 7.

But what now?   Isn't the main idea of the Pineapple to sniff the air for re-connects, spoof other SSID's to capture those endpoints' connection requests and ultimately reveal the pre-share key of the SSID ?  I mean the end goal is to get that PSK isn't it?
But how?  Where?  Instructions? links?



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The recon video should give you what's needed to get handshakes.

Just obtaining a handshake isn't really the only thing the Pineapple is for. If just in need of obtaining that, a simple PC and a compatible wireless adapter is enough for such a simple task.

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