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Key croc to match shift tilde in gta to put cheats in


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I want to use the key croc to put gta 5 codes in. Something like this:

while true;do

if MATCH 10;


SHIFT+~(this part doesn’t pull up the cheat bar in the game)

QUACK STRING ‘painkiller’




how can I get the key croc to pull up the cheat code input bar?


I tried using the KEYCODE 02,00,35 for the tilde button but it doesn’t work during game play to pull up the cheat input bar.

It would be awesome to be able to just hit 10, 11, 12 and so on to input various cheats during game play with the MATCH feature of the key croc.

Since the numlock doesn’t need to be on to match it does work but I need to hit shift tilde then 10 to match the code painkiller as example. I want to just hit 10 or any number to match and have the croc put in the cheat code. 

Thanks in advance on how we could make this work ! 

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sorry I don't know what gta is but what i can tell is that you want to open up a menu by using SHIFT-~ and this will open up some type of search bar then you want to type in painkiller and this will start what ever you are trying to start is this right?

If so this is how i would do it

Be careful with using MATCH words because everytime you enter the number 10 this will start this payload even if you are not using this gta.

sleep 1
sleep 1
Q STRING "painkiller"


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On 1/4/2021 at 5:12 AM, spywill said:

sorry I don't know what gta is

It's a popular video game series. Popular among teen-agers, because it teaches them what not to do. Popular among law enforcement, because if gives them work to do. You know, rounding up all of the gamers who thought it would be cool in real life...


Don't try this at home, OR ANYWHERE ELSE!

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