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6 hours ago, Dexy1967 said:

I'm very new at this  i have the hackrf and plugged it in to usb done drivers light come on but nothing on software as I say I'm very new at this game  


I am not familiar with the HackRF, but the forum seems a bit delayed with answers, just not as much as the Hak5 emails lol, so I'll offer a direction.


I had a Ducky with a red light issue a few years back and it turned out the device was faulty, but Hak5 had no problems exchanging it for a working one. I know the HackRF is signifigantly different though, so maybe try the "SDR - Software Defined Radio" subforum and see if there are any previously posted issues with potential fixes, or try your question there, incase most of those members focus more on that section than they do this general area.

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What software are you looking to use? Typically you start your software after you have installed drivers and then select the SDR source in the software. The hardware does nothing without the software and the HackRF does not come with software, you would need to seek out software that meets your needs. 

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As pointed out, the HackRF doesn't come with software, it's basically a radio reciever / transmitter in a box, so you'll need software to control it, and what software depends on what you want to do with it.
Are you just out to listen to FM radio, tracking airplanes, or hacking alarmsystems, or making your own pirate radio station ? The HackRF can be used for it all :)

So, what operating system are you using ?, Windows, Linux or Mac ?

If linux, a good place to start is https://github.com/mossmann/hackrf/wiki/Getting-Started-with-HackRF-and-GNU-Radio

If it's for hacking / protocol work, try to look at "Universel Radio Hacker" https://github.com/jopohl/urh

Airplane tracking, https://github.com/MalcolmRobb/dump1090

And of course, listening to gsm basestations, to track cell info is also an option :)


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