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  1. So I'm going to try to fill in as much holes as I can for you, so you can understand why you should choose what. Please don't get annoyed at the potential long-windedness. Hak5 gear is great stuff, so we will start with that. The Rubber Ducky is a perfect start for cost and simplicity, but for a little more you could just get the Bash Bunny. It does everything the Ducky does and more, like being able to use your web skills to build captive portals and such. For your other three options they are not far apart in what they do, but they each have their own uses based on certain advant
  2. After a long while of waiting I finally got the answer from Hak5. The Packet Squirrel only works to catch packets flowing through endpoints that it is between, not those of an entire network.
  3. Thanks. The budget is not really an issue, but you are correct that the Pineapple would only work for wifi and not all the ethernet connected devices. From the feedback I got to a more specified question about the Shark Jack you are also correct about the lack of options for this use, unless a payload could be developed to effect the router just right, and that is easier done with other tools like a Ducky or Bunny that I already have. Hak5 finally replied after weeks of waiting about the Packet Squirrel. It seems like the best option, but only if it is placed between th
  4. This is what I am looking for. Currently, all local devices go through a router and then connections go straight to the internet or through it to an off-site server. That was why tapping into the router interface seemed like the best option, or putting something in-line between the router and the internet. The router is not always easily accessable, depending on which location I am at (multiple warehouses/offices), otherwise I thought about just trying to build a payload for my Bash Bunny to use on that router interface option.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have another post in the questions subforum, but it was probably a bit vague to get a response. I currently use a RasPi EvilAP for full MITM, but as you stated most packet captures are looking at a more specified target or point of interest. In this case, the point of interest is the router itself and all the network traffic passing through it. An ethernet connection to the router should provide a direct link to it, but even I am sceptical about what that connection can really obtain. Direct access to the router using a different on-board connection such as USB might be
  6. I have seen Wireshark being used in the decriptions of other Hak5 products, and know that some products can also have other packages installed to use. Does anyone know of any reason that the Shark Jack could not be used for Wireshark packet capturing? Or does anyone have any experience using it for such?
  7. Hak5's description for the Packet Suirrel says "Easily capture packets between any network endpoint." It goes on to also say "Or place between any network segment to perform DNS spoofing man-in-the-middle attacks." The device seems to only be able to be placed between a network segment, so can the it actually capture packets across a network, or is it only really able to catch "any network endpoint" that it is connected between?
  8. Gweedo


    I am not familiar with the HackRF, but the forum seems a bit delayed with answers, just not as much as the Hak5 emails lol, so I'll offer a direction. I had a Ducky with a red light issue a few years back and it turned out the device was faulty, but Hak5 had no problems exchanging it for a working one. I know the HackRF is signifigantly different though, so maybe try the "SDR - Software Defined Radio" subforum and see if there are any previously posted issues with potential fixes, or try your question there, incase most of those members focus more on that section than they do this
  9. There are a few Hak5 products that seem to offer what I am looking for to expand my collection, but their site descriptions now seem to be more heavily focused on what each can do with their c2, and not so much on the rest beyond some very basics. What I am looking for is fairly straight forward. I would like to plug into a network and capture various packets. To narrow down my options, I would like to store the data collected locally with either a USB thumbdrive or microSD. Although the Cloud c2 compatabilty is an acceptable bonus, I would prefer not to have to use it.
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