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Firmware Update - Update in Progress


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I've not used the tetra for some time and forgot my password so decided to factory reset it. I used this guide:



But since an hour it's just going around "Update in progress". I've tried a few times and tried the nano .bin file as well but same thing.

Could someone tell me if this is an issue or point me to a guide if current is not valid - thanks

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You should use the Docs site instead of the old wiki. In this particular case, it doesn't matter that much when it comes to the factory reset procedure since it's the same in both places.

However, since you mention bin files, is it really the factory reset that you are doing? A bin file should only be needed in the firmware recovery process. Since you have titled the thread "Firmware Update", I guess you are actually doing the firmware recovery, not the factory reset. And... using a bin file for a Nano on a Tetra is not such a good idea. In worst case, you have bricked your Tetra. As the Docs page says: "It is extremely important that you only use the recovery firmware image for the correct device, and not the latest release or an image for a different device (e.g. the WiFi Pineapple NANO recovery image on a WiFi Pineapple TETRA)."

How far in the firmware recovery process did you get? Were you able to access the Tetra ( and upload the firmware recovery bin file and start the process? Did you revert to DHCP or on your PC? The Tetra will not use the address range once the recovery is finished and will hence not respond to any device that tries to communicate with it using the address.

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I can't connect to the Tetra via PC or phone, it looks like it does not recognize anything I plug in. I have the solid yellow light On permanently. Not even able to do the FIRMWARE RECOVERY, because when I try to configure a static IP address Windows say I have no ethernet cable connected.

Thanks so much for the attention 

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