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Exporting loot


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No I want to use the web GUI But I don't know how to use it.  Do I use command line commands like mv and then specify the destination.  I exported loot once without a destination and had to go looking for the files.  Thank you for your time

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If you use the Cloud C2 web GUI and chose to export gathered loot for a C2-connected Hak5 device, then the exported loot will be stored in the root of your server/device where you run Cloud C2 if you don't specify any path in the export dialog (in the textbox for "Export Path"). However, if you specify a path, it will be stored in that path on the device where you run C2, for example: /home/username/whateverdirectoryyouwantitin It needs to exist before you can export to it. If you try to export to a path/directory that doesn't exist, the web GUI will throw "Error: could not write loot to disk" back to you.

When the export is done using the C2 web GUI, you can ssh into the C2 machine (or use the console if having access to the machine physically). Then navigate to the directory to where the loot was previously exported and move it. The move procedure depends on where you want to move it. Locally within the file system = mv. To another machine using network = scp (or ftp but I try to stay as far away as possible from ftp). You of course need some machine that is able to connect to using ssh/scp on the other end where you want to put the loot export.

Example "syntax":

scp filename username@to_host_ip_or_name:/remote/directory/

Note! The above is written with the scenario that Cloud C2 is running on an Ubuntu server as a service. It might be some details that differs if you start C2 manually and such, I haven't tried that since it's not my ordinary setup.

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